Business COVID test

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Business Covid Test

go to market strategy in shifting markets

accelerate digital transformations  / filling gaps in IT infrastructure & digital skills & capabilities
assess changes in competitive landscape / understand impact on end users as a result of the pandemic
frame threats and new opportunities using critical thinking where not precedents exists
adjust business models to compete with newly emerged players or exploit new markets
protect growth and profitability through scenario planning  and validation

workforce in new normal

key to sustain the company’s performance is speeding up internal digitization  starting with “connected employee”
organize digital agenda around employees and elevate their experience to become “digitally active”
ensure data sharing and strategic company wide communication / accent on health preservation & safety first
use digital formats for long-term motivation and engagement of remote workers

crisis management and instant response

focus on how to safely bring people back to work
assess how you responded  to crisis to date and identify areas for corrections.
try to capture organisational insights / maximize use of available data / make them available for carrying out corrective measures  on the go

changing customer behaviour

understand changes in social life, interpersonal behaviour, mobility patterns, technology and regulations / behaviour change has been catalysed / some shifts are permanent
stay up to speed as digital adoption gradually increases and more consumers shifting to digital platforms for day-to-day needs
acknowledge different purchasing behaviour towards value-based purchasing and online shopping
invest into long term digital engagement that is to gradually replace obsolete loyalty schemes
understand emotional value coming from surging recognition of health and sustainability topics

decentralized operations and supply chain protection

accelerate shift of decision making to empowered teams guided by purpose & driven by data
implement required security standards to ensure cyber resilience in new normal
protect & motivate employees to stay healthy to minimize downtime and production outages
use process robots that to reduce cost, operate off-peak hours, reduce errors with audit trail
re-think alternative supply chain scenarios to mitigate outages / prepare for demand volatility through flexible allocations & pricing strategies